If you're going to place a request, please note that I am technically on semi-hiatus due to school. You're free to make the request, but know that it might take up the upwards of a month to get it done. Thank you.

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nnocttisluciscaelum asked: tsukiyama or suzuya

listen to the cries

the cries of fallen angels

who fell from heaven

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ミナトいないけどミナト班らくがき | *


ミナトいないけどミナト班らくがき | *

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Hisoka’s Arc Appearances + Outfits

Requested by the-pain-of-merely-being-alive.

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A destroyer that saves.

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"uwah! he looks like a model"

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radstayathomedad said:

noway u cute

Haha, why thank you. :)


very cool.. very swag… i like it


very cool.. very swag… i like it

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I feel like people don’t like me in a romantic manner, but in a more ‘you remind me of a mom’ sort of way. (Older sister works too.)

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"Senpai…is in the Dollars, right?"

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