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Anonymous said:
❝ Your GIFS give me life omfg your edits are A++++++ let me hug you ❞

Aww, thank you so much! That’s so sweet of you to come here and tell me that! :)

Anonymous said:
❝ Can I ask for your opinion on the Tokyo Ghoul adaption? ❞

Yeah, of course you can! I’ll put it under the cut though, because I almost feel like I have an unpopular opinion when it comes to this.

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Anonymous said:
❝ was dandy/scatlett a one episode thing or is it end game? ❞

Hmm, from the way I look at it, Space Dandy is a series where in which the decisions that Dandy makes have little to no lasting effect on the overall continuity/plot.

So yeah, I’m of the opinion that Dandy and Scarlet was a one time thing that probably won’t be brought up again. (There are only two episodes left. *weeps*). And truthfully, I think that Watanabe incorporated the cliched “fake boyfriend” scenario as a means to put his own spin on the trope, because in the end, Space Dandy is just a really random series about a dandy guy in space.

King Xerxes was king of Persia from 486-465 BC. His wife was Queen Amestris. King Xexes was murdered by Artabanus, who then gave the position of power to his seven sons. According to Aristotle, Artabanus was then killed by Artaxerxes, son of Xerxes and Amestris.

This draws interesting parallels to FMA, where the country of Xerxes was destroyed by Father. Father then created the seven homunculi, and gave the highest position of power in the country to one of his sons, and the other homunculi watched over the Amestrian cities.

It is fitting, that Father, like Artabanus, was killed by Edward Elric, with a mother from Amestris, and a father from Xerxes. Like Artaxerxes, Ed avenged the Xerxesian people by dealing the final blow on Father.