Thank you very much! I really appreciate it! :)

kurasamees asked: Since it's past midnight and it's officially the 25th in the UK; Happy Birthday! Hopefully you have a good one despite the mid-terms!

Ah, you are just the cutest thing ever! Thank you so, so much! I’ll try to make the most of my birthday! :)

I know, it’s a bit of a dower. :/

Ah, thank you! I think you mentioned about taking a final tomorrow as well, so
I wish you luck on that too!

My birthday is tomorrow, and guess who has two midterms on that very special day?

"To exemplify a dream is the duty of a king. And to ascertain the dream of the king, and to pass the dream of the king down to later generations, that is your duty as a subject. Live, Waver. See this all through, and live long to speak of it. The nature of your king. The spirit of this Iskandar!"


recommended manga --  liar game by shinobu kaitani

"All of you believe that the Liar Game is all about rewarding the best liar, don’t you? Well, I sure don’t. I believe that the Liar Game…is all about conquering that desire within you to lie and succumb to your greed. It’s a game that tests whether or not you can remain an honest and upright individual." — Kanzaki Nao


have you ever loved a fictional character so much that whenever you see a picture of them your heart tingles and your vocal cords produce this awkward screeching noise that sounds a bit like a dying cat


SnK Fanart: Erwin, Nile and Mike in the early days. - Feb.25 2014