If she's your only, then why are you lonely?

yeah then you will like it for sure. It’s very very viking like, they did it greatly :D
Haha, okay. I will definitely look more into it! And hopefully I can finish all the anime I have on hold, and then start it.
YEAH I HAD, i really love that manga! I always loved viking stories (have you seen Vikings TV series???)
Aww, that’s so cool. And I’ve heard about it, but I’ve never actually watched it myself. An old friend of mine said I would really like it, and I wanted to watch it, but I had forgotten about it since then, haha.

"Interesting tell. Making all the chicks fall in love with me might be the best way to track her down."

"Believe in the backside. Show 'em what your momma gave ya."
"Believe in the backside. Show 'em what your momma gave ya."

"Dandy? I, uh, wanted to give you a gift. For graduation."

"What kind of gift?"

"Hey, how’s it hanging? My name is Dandy, and I’m a transfer student. My hobbies include going to Boobies and generally being awesome. As you’re gonna find out."

Haha, we are talking about it! It is really great! I caught up last night, and now just waiting for the next chapter!
VINLAND SAGA IS AMAZING (although the latest chapters were a bit boring for me, but now it’s picking up again) ANYWAY IT’S HELLA GOOD
Ah, I had no idea that you read it! That’s so exciting! :) But yeah, it’s really great. I have a feeling that things are going to speed up again, and I can’t wait to see what happens.
there’s a point where i was like “why is this so slow” but then things started happening again and i became excited for each chapter, i just love it
I know what you mean. And those chapters were just all filled with Thorfinn saying sad things, and I just wanted to hold him and tell him not to talk like that.
I am very excited to see where this will go and what will happen next. But now we just have a month wait for new chapters (and that reminds me a lot of another manga where we have to wait a month+ for new chapters). Such is life, sigh.
izuiki said:
❝ vinland saga is so underrated!! it's one of my favorite manga right now ❞

I know! I hardly knew anything about the series myself, and if basedguts hadn’t added that suggestion to that anonymous asking for manga recommendations, I probably wouldn’t have even started it.

It is quite good, and I enjoyed it a lot. I do understand why it’s underrated (albeit criminally) though. By the midpoint, the story goes under a complete 180° and slows down so much, and I know that can detract readers. It’s a shame, but what can you do?